Eastmond Medicomm designs and delivers intelligent medical communications quickly and without fuss, and thus enables important clinical information to reach the ears of the healthcare professionals who need and can act on it.

Intelligent medical communications are made by bright people who know what they are doing. They listen closely, think carefully, and produce clever solutions to articulate your messages and match your visions. Working with them is like adding to your internal team with a partner who invigorates, innovates and delivers.

Eastmond Medicomm works just like that. We add to your team. We are your back office and front of house for medical communications. We work in partnership with you and your customers to deliver inspiring communications projects that are bang up to date for modern standards of compliance. In that way we make our pharma colleagues look good, and ensure that they pass compliance audits with flying colours.

This is exactly what I was looking for. You did a wonderful job. It really looks like it was written by someone who knows what they are doing.

Vice President,
medical education agency



Development of medical communication strategies

Communication strategies are not tagged on to the end of your integrated product strategy. We examine the entire strategy and ensure that the medical communications programme speaks to each element in proportion.

Design and delivery of medical communication programmes

Medical communications are the mouthpiece of your clinical function. We ensure that the way you talk about your data is as interesting and worthwhile as the study itself.

Design and delivery of publication plans

Publication planning is now a tricky affair that balances compliance standards with traditional planning imperatives. We navigate your clinical trials through this sometimes confusing maze.

Fulfilment of internal pharma FTEs

Sometimes you need a person on the ground with you, working day in day out as a member of your team. Perhaps to need an external view to shake things up a little. We continue to supply this service to our pharma company clients, with great results.


Additional services

  • Communications consultancy

  • Message development

  • Publications

  • Symposia

  • Standalone meetings

  • Advisory boards

  • Monographs

  • Exhibition content

  • Web site content

  • Internal training materials

  • Market country medical and meeting materials

Leading global drug maker

Can you cover an internal medical affairs role for 2 days a week for 3 months? We have a peak in the med comms delivery.


Join the internal team and integrate into the medical affairs function. Three years later, we are still there providing twice as much time. Events delivery has been transformed.


"You get things done that we cannot achieve with existing staff."

Global Medical Director

Single-drug biotech

I need a two-region publication plan for an internal meeting in July. I have a global brand dossier and a short slide deck to go off. Can you help?


Examine the supplied documents and independently come up with the delivery solution as an outline of content with approximate content length. We were able to quote accurately off that and deliver the plan on time.


"Superb solution. Thanks I have everything I need."

Medical Director

Japanese-owned pharmaco

I need to run a symposium across three oncology indications. How can we make that work and have the whole thing hang together as one piece?


Create a map of molecular cancer targets, and then intersect the map with key oncogenic processes. The chairman talked his way around the map, pausing on key intersections to deliver the detail via his faculty colleagues.


"I think you have done a spectacular job."

Leading clinical oncologist speaker

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Eastmond Medicomm Ltd is run by Nigel Eastmond. Nigel is located in the Peak District
in Derbyshire - close to the Cheshire medical education agencies and within easy reach
of Manchester Airport.